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    • leebee42

      Why does it have to be so drastic? Of course you should NEVER HATE yourself. You should always celebrate the great things about you and try and improve where you can as a person. Weight is very controversial and it doesn’t need to be. Women should not allow themselves to feel bad because they aren’t supermodel skinny, but no one should allow themselves to reach a weight that could be potentially lethal regardless of any underlying medical syndromes. Obesity in America is a serious, serious problem. I’m sorry if I feel it should not be celebrated.

    • leebee42

      I’m happy for her that she has good self esteem and doesn’t feel like her self worth is determined by a number on a scale. However, 350 lbs is an extremely unhealthy weight. The message of self love and healthy body images is important for young women but so is the message of having a healthy body. If you don’t control your weight, especially with a PCOS diagnosis, you are susceptible to a lot of obesity related health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea etc. The message should always be about being healthy, not skinny. This is unhealthy.

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