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    18 Adorable Reasons We Need More Diverse Books

    Here are the greatest entries from the #weneeddiversebooks hashtag. If you don't agree with these guys, you probably have no soul.

    18. "We need diverse books to read on family raft trips."

    17. "We need diverse books because I couldn't find one with two gay grannies."

    16. "This is my high school book club. They are NOT reluctant readers."

    15. "We need diverse books because we are superheroes."

    14. "I'm not him...but I'd like to know him better."

    13. Because Grumpy Cat doesn't count as diversity.

    12. "Because I want my boys to grow up in a world where they never feel INVISIBLE."

    11. "Because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!"

    10. "Because YA readers are diverse."

    9. "We need diverse books so my child can learn minorities are more than stereotypes."

    8. The hedgehogs are picketing.

    7. "Because I like pink too."

    6. "Because it can stop racism and sexism."

    5. "Because I'm smart, strong, & funny enough to be the hero of any story."

    4. "Diverse books are an important necessity."

    3. "Because there are more yeti in books than people of color."

    2. "Because...look at these beautiful faces!"

    1. "Because of everything in this circle."