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    18 Adorable Reasons We Need More Diverse Books

    Here are the greatest entries from the #weneeddiversebooks hashtag. If you don't agree with these guys, you probably have no soul.

    18. "We need diverse books to read on family raft trips." / Via

    Don't pretend you don't want in on this family vacation.

    17. "We need diverse books because I couldn't find one with two gay grannies." / Via

    Adopt us? (submitted by LGBTQ Parenting Network)

    16. "This is my high school book club. They are NOT reluctant readers." / Via

    You wish your book club looked this cool (or actually read the book...)

    15. "We need diverse books because we are superheroes." / Via

    Cowabunga! (submitted by the SuperBrother Squad)

    14. "I'm not him...but I'd like to know him better." / Via

    I hope these guys become BFFs and grow old together.

    13. Because Grumpy Cat doesn't count as diversity. / Via

    31 white authors + 1 grumpy cat on the BookCon panel lineup = 1 pissed-off yorkie.

    12. "Because I want my boys to grow up in a world where they never feel INVISIBLE." / Via

    ...unless there's an invisibility cloak involved. (submitted by #weneeddiversebooks organizer and author Aisha Saeed)

    11. "Because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!" / Via

    Join the club, kid.

    10. "Because YA readers are diverse." / Via

    Readers come in all shapes and sizes: black, white, gay, straight, pirate... (submitted by Centennial High School in Portland, OR)

    9. "We need diverse books so my child can learn minorities are more than stereotypes." / Via

    This baby takes the campaign for more diverse books pretty seriously. Do you? (submitted by author/illustrator Grace Lin)

    8. The hedgehogs are picketing. / Via

    Because not all hedgehogs are Sonic. (submitted by illustrator Lauren Castillo)

    7. "Because I like pink too." / Via

    Here is my new #1 draft pick.

    6. "Because it can stop racism and sexism." / Via

    This girl knows what's up. (submitted by #weneeddiversebooks organizer and author Ellen Oh)

    5. "Because I'm smart, strong, & funny enough to be the hero of any story." / Via

    Petition to get him a spot in the Marvel Universe? (submission from author and #weneeddiversebooks organizer S.K. Falls)

    4. "Diverse books are an important necessity." / Via

    And no one is more enthusiastic than that little guy to the right. (submitted by An Open Book Foundation)

    3. "Because there are more yeti in books than people of color." / Via

    Hard to argue with this face. (submitted by author E.C. Myers)

    2. "Because...look at these beautiful faces!" / Via

    Give the people what they want. (submitted by Oakland Library)

    1. "Because of everything in this circle." / Via

    *drops mic.* (submission from Nicola Yoon)