I blog and photoshop at lecraic.com on topics with an Irish flavour.
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  • Hilarious Ghostbusters Rendition On X Factor

    These 2 young guys from Ireland have been the Number 1 trend on Twitter for hours now. They appear as Jedward (John and Edward) to much puzzlement from anyone not in the UK or Ireland watching the X Factor. Universally hated and adored in equal measure, they hit a peak on the latest show by giving the world this classic reality TV moment with their version of Ghostbusters.

  • Guinness for Photoshoppers

    Today is the 250th Anniversary of the establishment of the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Many people in Ireland and other countries worldwide raised a glass to Arthur Guinness at exactly 17:59 in probably the biggest marketing campaign the drink’s distributor has ever undertaken. One Irish web developer raised a glass to Arthur in a really cool Photoshoppy way. Guinness - gets the creative juices flowing.

  • Welcome to Ireland - Land of Saints, Scholars and Pyjamas

    A cafe on the outskirts of Dublin City, Ireland has a strict dress code. Nothing too taxing mind you. The sign reads : “All customers must be wearing appropriate clothing. NO PYJAMAS. For those scratching their heads thinking WTF ? There is a phenomenon in certain parts of Dublin for women to go out wearing their pyjamas. No, I don’t understand it either. Funny old world isn’t it?

  • lol

    Complimenting Strangers

    This will bring a smile to your face. Guy stands outside a supermarket and gives compliments to complete strangers. Best compliment of the lot has to be the “I like your knees” one - and the guy walks on and looks down at his knees :)

  • Eye Boner

    The mission? Create an advertisement for a retouching studio based in Canada. The company (Orange Apple) provides “creative imagery for the photographic and advertising industry.” The result? Guy gets eye boner looking at computer screen. Everyone else just goes ewwww, that’s gross.

  • Mad Mad Mario

    This is EXACTLY how I imagine Mario would be in real life - a foul mouthed, ill tempered person of a certain European Country which shall not be named. He’s my hero!

  • Delightfully Different Scrabble Ad

    Paris based advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather have done an amazing job for Mattel in creating a trio of advertisements for the “love it or hate it” board game of Scrabble. This, my BuzzFeed brothers and sisters, is what I call an ad apart. Sit back and enjoy!

  • Hilarious Video of Bull Charging Into Supermarket

    A supermarket in the West of Ireland had an unexpected visitor during the week, when a young bull escaped from a market and went in search of a snack. Watch at 1.06 to see the farmer dash up the aisle of the supermarket and quickly do an about turn as the bull charges after him. Hilarious

  • TV Psychic FAIL

    Well known UK psychic/medium Derek Acorah cancels some shows due to “unforeseen television commitments”. Come on, you’re only asking for people to point and laugh by using unforeseen as a reason.

  • Hey, You - BUY Something !

    Sale signs just don’t cut the mustard in retailing anymore. In a sign of the times, one retailer in Dublin, Ireland begs people to “Buy more shit or we’re all fucked”.

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