If Ryan Gosling Was Drawn As Your Favorite TV/Movie Characters

Gos Bless.

What happens when you’re bored in class and have a shiny new Ryan Gosling notebook?

Leanne Butchart

You draw on his face. You just have to. Thanks to the Ryan Gosling notebook you can now draw Ryan into the roles he should have been cast in!

1. Ryan Potter, Harry Potter

Leanne Butchart

He’d be your Chosen One.

2. Officer Ryan Javert, Les Misérables

Leanne Butchart

He’ll have you wearing a different chain.

3. Dumblegosling, Harry Potter

Leanne Butchart

He knows where all your Horcruxes are hidden.

4. Cap’n Jack Gosling, Pirates of the Caribbean

Leanne Butchart

He’ll take you on his ship.

5. Professor Gosling Snape, Harry Potter

Leanne Butchart

One Snape that wouldn’t get friend-zoned.

6. Count Gosling, Dracula

Leanne Butchart

He’ll leave teeth marks in your neck.

7. Wolveryan, Wolverine

Leanne Butchart

He’ll tear your clothes right off.

8. The Dark Lord Voldegos, Harry Potter

Leanne Butchart

If you’re into the bad boy types.

9. Ryan Snow, Game of Thrones

Leanne Butchart

He knows nothing, except how to win your heart.

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