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    16 Signs You Actually Grew Up In Portland, Oregon

    You didn't move here recently because of Portlandia... and you sure as hell are not from Lake Oswego or Beaverton.

    1. You know the trimet number by heart because you used it before there was an app for that

    2. But riding trimet frequently does not stop you from fearing for the life of your hair...

    3. And if you're looking to get your hair cut on a budget (or fixed if you were victim to edward creeperhands) you'll go to Bishops!

    4. Even though you respect the life and times of Cesar Chavez, it's incredibly difficult to stop saying 39th.... sorry.. oops?

    5. Your high school was named after a president, but you still don't really know anything about that president...

    6. You know that New Seasons is WAY better than Whole Foods, and Fred Meyer is WAY better than safeway.

    7. You can tell someone is from out of town when they say that they're excited to go to the "house concert"

    8. Speaking of shows, you remember the Satyricon and miss it so bad you could cry.

    9. The scariest thing ever is when you're kind of upside down during your ride on the Screaming Eagle

    10. You think the east side of town is a million times cooler than the west side.

    11. Homeless people DO NOT scare you. They're completely harmless in your book, and actually you think you might know one from your art history class from a while back...

    12. The parkings meters that give out stickers are super annoying and you miss the old ones really bad.

    13. You think it would be cool to run into Fred Armisen, but way cooler to run into Carrie Brownstein... because uh SLEATER-KINNEY duh.

    14. You've gone to at least one date at the Wunderland Arcade and won a giant gumball that you proudly shoved into your mouth moments after winning it.

    15. You absolutely love taking people to Rimsky's for the first time

    16. And more than anything else in the world, you hate when people say they're from Portland when they're not.