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25 Lessons They Should Have Taught Us In School

Still no idea how to do my taxes, but you better believe I know what the powerhouse of the cell is.

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1. How to organize a schedule.

brittzhere / Via

Blessed be the time when you were given a well-prepared sheet with the classrooms and the names of teachers. Once you're in college, it's everyone has their own course, everyone has their own way, and see you on exam day. And then after college? Forget about it. You're on your own.

2. How to find an apartment.

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Harassing agencies and individuals, roaming the streets, staring in random buildings trying to figure out the floor plan, being the first person to present a strong case for why you should get it... a little preparation on the subject wouldn't have hurt.

3. How to assemble furniture (and if need be, hang it on the wall).

discult / Via

No, knowing how to calculate the surface area of a cuboid object does not help fix closet doors. And why are technology courses devoted to the use of the soldering irons and band saws, instead of just drills and hammers?

4. How to file your taxes, preferably without making mistakes.

frank_dcmp / Via

And decrypt the barbarian terms in all the forms we have to fill out. In what world are you supposed to know what social security contributions deductible from taxable income or the withholding tax are? I guess we're lucky the internet exists?

5. How to manage a food budget without running out every month.

FilmDistrict/Bold Films/OddLot Entertainment / Via

Or the art of juggling with sales, purchasing in bulk and discount brands. Knowing which supermarket has the cheapest fruits and vegetables, and which dishes have a good quality/price ratio.

6. How to cook pasta.

giups_fitandfun / Via

Without it being too al dente or sticking to the bottom of the pan. Pasta is so cheap, and so delicious and this should be a basic life skill everyone learns.

7. How to choose a bottle of wine that's both palatable and not too painful for the wallet.

Bravo TV / Via

It'd be nice to grab a bottle at random from the shelf at the liquor store without the only consideration being the label design. And stop pretending to ask "who brought this cheap wine?" every time you go anywhere.

8. How to prepare a drinkable coffee, which doesn't taste like a cleaning product or sock juice.

its.sinful.angel / Via

No doubt, this is the first step to integrate into any business. Your only hope is that your employer has installed a coffee machine. In that case, you can complain with your colleagues about the poor quality of the beverages.

9. How to unclog a pipe or a sink.

dmasters85 / Via

If physics exams were devoted to the use of those pipe rooter things, nobody would need to call a plumber over the weekend fix their bathroom catastrophes ever again.

10. How to do laundry.

Fox TV / Via

If possible, at the right temperature and with the appropriate spin speed. And without mixing colors, to avoid ending up with a red pair of underpants and fifteen pink T-shirts.

11. And how to clean tough stains like blood or red wine.

fabriziogiammarco / Via

If you've never frantically Googled "how to remove red wine stains from white fabric" raise your hand.

12. How to sew a button or garment.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

This shouldn't be this hard.

13. How to take care of a plants.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Growing seedlings in 5th grade science was easy. Unfortunately, keeping an orchid alive is a bit more complex.

14. How to talk to important people or administrations on the phone.

Fox Tv / Via

And how not to get so nervous that you forget the one important thing that you called to ask in the first place. All without stressfully stuttering or having sweaty hands.

15. How to drive a car.

ABC / Via

If this is part of the package of the independent adult, why does it take classes outside school curriculum to handle a steering wheel and parallel parking?

16. How to navigate without using the GPS on your phone.

Nickelodeon / Via

Orienteering should be offered as an option in all high schools.

17. How to walk elegantly in heels and/or wear a suit with confidence.

Columbia Records/YouTube / Via

Trying to move with grace while you're five inches away from the ground is not an innate gift in humans. Nor is knowing how to tie a necktie.

18. How to build one's future and choose a profession.

Home Box Office / Via

Can we really plan the rest of our lives in half an hour in the office of a guidance counselor?

19. How to look for a job, and find one.

Fox TV / Via

If the purpose of school is to learn the skills necessary for leading an active life, knowing how to sell an image of yourself and send an application are skills that should be taught in kindergarten, right?

20. How to handle human relationships with colleagues and supervisors.

Universal Pictures/Illumination Entertainment/Mac Guff / Via

We're on our own when it comes to figuring out if people are lazy, or manipulative, or genuinely interested in who we are. Same for when it comes to networking or negotiating a salary increase.

21. How to communicate effectively with Social Security, or the Employment Center, or any other government agency for that matter.

Bravo TV / Via

To finally unravel the mystery of that official letter that you received a month late, or some fee you incurred without explanation, or how the required papers you sent in were not the RIGHT required papers.

22. How to recover from a hangover.

CBS / Via

Sure, the best solution is not to drink alcohol at all, or with moderation. But let's be real here.

23. Sexuality, and how it's practiced in real life.

HBO / Via

In fact, as embarrassing as it was, having the school nurse demonstrate how to unroll a condom was one of the best lessons we ever got. Way better than the old biology books that limit sexual relationships to a diagram of a penis and a diagram of a vagina.

24. How to take care of a child under 10 years old.

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Anyone who's tried to change a diaper has a vague idea of the hardships that await you the day you decide to give birth. A full session of physics and chemistry should be devoted to the preparation of a feeding bottle.

25. How to save a life. For real.

laureziikiice / Via

First Aid sessions are optional in general. And that is a pity, because knowledge of the basics can help avoid the worst, and sometimes even save a life.

So it's clear that the best school is the ~school of life~. / Via

Welcome to adulthood, and good luck!

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