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The Top 10 Reasons Why January 1st Is Actually The Worst Day Of The Year

It’s supposed to my fresh new start…so why do I feel a little dizzy?

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2. The resolutions are already out the door / Via

But that damn drunk food at 1 a.m. tasted sooo good!

I'm too tired to go to the gym....I'll start tomorrow (lol yeah right)

Oh sh!t! I just watched how many hours of Netflix??

5. As the day wears on the pictures and the stories start to roll in and suddenly you begin to remember more of the previous night's shenanigans... / Via

And the hazy memories are just killing your hopes and dreams for a beautiful new year. OMG I DID WHAT?!

brb going to dig a hole to China and never show my face here again.

10. You make yet again a resolution that will soon be broken: / Via

I swear I am NEVER drinking again. HAHA LOL LoL lOl LAWLZ ROFL yeah there’s another resolution that’s gonna be out the door by next weekend (maybe even sooner).

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