The Real MacLaren’s Pub From "How I Met Your Mother"

The gang’s favourite pub is actually a real place. Ahead of the show’s imminent final season, take a look at its source material.

1. MacLaren’s Pub. The scene of all the best stories in How I Met Your Mother.

2. But did you know it’s actually based on a real bar?

3. This is McGee’s, the inspiration behind HIMYM’s MacLaren’s, the characters’ favourite bar.

It’s on W 55th St., New York

4. Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas used to drink there while working for Letterman on The Late Show

Though unlike Ted and Marshall, their apartment was a long way uptown, rather than upstairs.

5. Sidenote: Recognize them? It might be from this Season 1 scene

They cameoed as actors playing paramedics in a complex Barney Stinson scheme.

6. MacLaren’s was named for an Associate Producer on the show, who also gave his name to the bartender, Carl

7. But McGee’s! It has a bar…

8. Booths…

The most crucial similarity between the two.

9. And a fireplace!

A questionable omission - there could have been some storylines around this.

10. Originally, it was this mural that they wanted to include in the show

11. Recognize that in the background?

12. You can order HIMYM food

14. They’ll even turn off sport for half an hour on Mondays

15. The actors have been through a few times as well. Here’s Josh Radnor at McGee’s.

18. Barney Sti- Neil Patrick Harris at McGee’s

19. Fans do occasionally try to copy the series

20. And there’s some How I Met Your Mother swag around the place as well

21. But most of the time, it’s an Irish bar, with beer…

22. Atmosphere (especially around St. Paddy’s day)…

23. And a really decent burger.

24. Which is why they based MacLaren’s on it in the first place!

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