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Things You Feel The Morning After The Gym

Exercise is amazing! Except when it's not, which is most of the time afterwards.

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It's Been Months Since You Went To The Gym, Because, Let's Be Honest, You're Kind Of Lazy

But You've Finally Done Some Excercise. Maybe You Did A Color Run...

...Or A Tough Mudder...

...Or Just Went To The Gym.

But The Point Is, Afterwards You Felt Amazing!

Next Morning, Your Alarm Goes Off

Suddenly You Realise Something Is Very Wrong

None Of Your Limbs Are Working. They Are All Made Of Hurt.

Pain Is All That's Left

Gettting Out Of Bed Goes Poorly

The Floor Is Your Home Now

But Eventually, You Have To Move. The Real World Is Calling.

Your Legs Don't Seem To Be Working Quite Right

Breakfast Suddenly Requires More Co-Ordination Than You Have

Nope, Legs Still Not Working

Just So Long As You Can Get A Seat On Your Commute...

Just Get To Your Desk And You Don't Have To Move Again

"How Was Your Workout?"

That Exercise You Were Planning Next Year Is Going To Be So Much Easier Now

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