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    The Ultimate Guide To Making Anyone Feel Old

    This is the pop culture guide to making everyone feel old. Find your age, then regret ever looking at the list in the first place...

    If you are 15 - Did you know...Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus had all had Top 20 hits by your age?

    16 - Did you know...The Dark Knight was released half a decade ago?

    17 - Did you know...David Tennant became Doctor Who closer to the Clinton Presidency than today?

    18 - Did you know...the final Harry Potter book was released 6 years ago?

    19 - Did you know...SpongeBob began last Millennium?

    20 - Did you know...Pluto hasn’t been a planet for 7 years?

    21 - Did you know...Friends was last on our screens 9 years ago?

    22 - Did you know...Pirates of the Caribbean was released a decade ago?

    23 - Did you know...The first XBOX came out 12 years ago?

    24 - Did you know...Scrubs began closer to the fall of the Berlin Wall than today?

    25 - Did you know...Ryan Atwood arrived in the OC a decade ago?

    26 - Did you know...The Matrix came out not last decade, but the decade before that?

    27 - Did you know...The Spice Girls first album came out 2 years before Google existed?

    28 - Did you know...Destiny’s Child’s first Top 10 single was released 16 years ago?

    29 - Did you know...Jurassic Park came out 20 years ago?

    30 - Did you know...Will Smith moved to Bel-Air 23 years ago?

    31 - Did you know...Point Break came out closer to the Moon Landing than today?

    32 - Did you know...if Back To The Future was made now, you’d still be alive in the world Marty went back to?

    33 - Did you know...The Goonies was released almost 3 decades ago?

    34 - Did you know...The Dream Team played 6 Olympics ago?

    35 - Did you know..if Kurt Cobain were alive today, he'd be 46?

    36 - Did you know..."Whose Line Is It Anyway?" started a quarter of a century ago?

    37 and up - Did you know...this list only goes up to age 36?

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