30 Signs That Definitely Have A Story Behind Them

It’s unfair not to have a sign explaining the story behind them. What happened that these signs were necessary?

1. Some of them are passive-aggressive.

2. Some of them will give you ideas.

3. Really amazing ideas…

4. Some will make you lose faith in humanity.

Yes, reclaimed water, that’s why.

5. Some make you feel bad for llamas.

6. Some of them are really about gender equality.

7. Some of them had to have emphasis added.

8. Some are mysterious.

What circumstances? What was happening?

9. Some make a lot of sense.

BIG SNOWGLOBE, your reign of terror is over.

10. Some most definitely have a painful history.

11. Again, humanity…

12. Some really do seem like they’d be obvious.

13. Some give you nearly all the information you need.

If I were Liz, I’d be very annoyed by my un-highlighted name.

14. Some are likely to have come from a complaint.

15. Some have stories you don’t really want to know.

16. Some you can be quite glad have been made clear.

17. Again, you’d hope some would be obvious.

This happened enough to need a sign?

18. Others, admittedly, seem to be much rarer.

Is this related to the last one?

19. Some suggest the decline of all decency.

20. Some you really hope had a positive ending.

21. Some have some great irony built in.

22. Some might be pranks.

23. Some should really be redundant.

24. Some are just making extra sure that everything is clear.

In fairness, the failure to dispense cupcakes would really annoy me.

25. Some are making a bold statement against a very real threat.

26. Some might be a cunning ploy.

Probably by the archery club.

27. Some are spectacularly elegant put-downs.

28. Some may have a grounding in cartoon physics

29. Some make you feel sorry for the person who discovered the need for the sign.

30. And some just really need answers.

Which is the salient part? Do they not rent pigs, or do they not rent pigs?

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