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    30 Artists Proving That GIFs Are The Next Great Art Form

    Who needs a canvas and a paintbrush? These artists are showing it's all about the Graphics Interchange Format. (via Giphy Artists)

    Editor's note: You can find these artists and many more on Giphy's wonderful artists page. We love gif art and we love Giphy; you should check it out.

    1. Adam Ferris

    2. Clay Rodery

    3. HOPPIP

    4. Erdal Inci

    5. Tech Noir

    6. The Good Films

    7. Thierry Van Biesen

    8. Scorpion Dagger

    9. By The Barkers

    10. Dain Fagerholm

    11. Jamie Martinez

    12. James Myrick

    13. Fash Gif


    15. Skip Hursh

    16. Gif Friends

    17. INSA

    18. Frank Macchia

    19. Koby Inc

    20. Joshua Johnson

    21. Illustrography

    22. Riffs 'N Gifs

    23. Okkult Motion Pictures

    24. Sophie Alda

    25. Julian Glander

    26. Hateplow

    27. Signe Pierce

    28. Sam Ballardini

    29. Chromasy

    30. Ashlyn Anstee