23 Ways Eating Out Is Actually Really Stressful

It sounds like a great idea, but it’s never as much fun as you think.

1. No-one can agree on where to go

Somehow, every single restaurant is hated by a different person

2. The cool restaurant doesn’t take reservations

Waiting for two hours to maybe get a table is torture

3. The other cool restaurant does, but only for 7 months later

I don’t know what I’m doing next week, I really don’t know what I’m doing next year

4. The last cool restaurant might be too cool

5. Even when you’ve decided to go, actually getting everyone together takes hours

6. So you get there first, and everyone else is late

I have friends, honest

7. The restaurant will be too fancy and make you feel uncomforatable

8. Or not fancy enough…

9. You always seem to end up with the worst seat

Oh good, the only two people I don’t know and who don’t seem to know what ‘conversation’ is

10. Wine lists are straight-up terrifying

Just pick the second cheapest and be done with it. Only way.

11. The menu is actually really confusing

All of these words make sense to me, but not in this combination

12. The one thing you really want isn’t available

It wasn’t available last time either. Conspiracy!

13. When you do make a decision, you know it was a mistake immediately

I know, I panicked, I’m regretting it already.

14. Someone always has a crazy dietary requirement

15. Your food will take ages to come

Don’t ask, you really don’t want to the servers to be annoyed with you. Anyway, it’ll only be a few minutes. Probably.

16. When it does come, you need to wait while everyone instragrams their meal

It doesn’t even look that nice, and I’m really hungry!

17. You’re aware that your servers are definitely judging you

Am I doing something offensive to them? Probably, but I DON’T KNOW WHAT!

18. When the food does come, there’s definitely something there you don’t recognize

Either eat around it, or just chew through and hope.

19. Someone else’s dish always looks better than yours

It’s fine, I don’t care, really, I’m happy for you.

20. Someone at your table will ask for tomato sauce

Or will add salt and pepper without tasting the food first. Just no.

21. You have to over-tip for fear of ending up on the internet

This is not an over-tip.

22. Seeing into the kitchen just makes you feel sorry for all the staff

*walking slowly away*

23. Splitting the check is a headache

‘Yes, could we split this nine ways, please? Mix of cards and cash?’

24. But occasionally you’ll get that one great meal….

Totally worth it

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