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    10 Types Of Joy That Only People Who Take Public Transportation Get To Experience

    Sure, delays and crowds suck. But it's still waaaay better than driving!

    1. First of all, there's that specific kind of happiness you feel when you see your "favorite" train or bus coming — it feels like greeting an old friend.

    2. Then, there's the pride that comes with being able to keep your balance on the subway without holding onto anything.

    3. Even when your bus or train is packed, you secretly like how it makes you feel like a real part of the city — and humanity, in general.

    4. When you're waiting for the subway and somehow know EXACTLY where the doors are going to stop, it makes you feel like kind of a wizard.

    5. Then, there's that amazing feeling when you see a seat open up next to you — and you nab it, of course.

    6. There's also the sense of satisfaction that comes with not having to have a car in general.

    7. In fact, you can do all kinds of things while you're waiting for your stop — reading, meditating, thinking big philosophical thoughts.

    8. If you're hungry, there's always the best street vendors parked near transit stations, so you can have your fill of the best (and least expensive) grub in the city.

    9. You never know when you'll make a new friend on public transit — or have the opportunity to share kindness...

    10. And finally, if there's ever an alien invasion or an apocalypse taking over, you know the city (and all its subterranean tunnels) well enough to survive. Probably.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.