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    Updated on Apr 9, 2019. Posted on Apr 7, 2019

    18 Struggles All Introverts Need To Understand About Extroverts

    Yes, you know you tend to talk a lot. And no, you don't just like the sound of your own voice.

    1. You need to fill every silence longer than two seconds with some sort of conversation...

    Liberty Films / Via

    2. Because awkward silences are your LITERAL nightmare. Seriously, how do people just sit there and not say anything?

    BBC One / Via

    3. And sometimes once you start, there's just no stopping you.

    NBC / Via

    *Cue blank stares and overwhelmed faces*

    4. You use so many hand gestures it's like they have a mind of their own!

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / Via

    Seriously, you can't control it anymore.

    5. And you can't help but worry that people wish you'd just SHUT. THE. HELL. UP.

    MTV / Via

    6. When you are quiet though, even for a little bit, people automatically think that you're deathly ill.

    Grey' Anatomy / Via

    7. While you totally get the concept of personal space, you sometimes get a little too close for comfort.

    Lumiere / Via

    You just like to feed off people's energy sometimes!

    8. You rope your friends into all sorts of activities because you just know they'll have fun once they're doing it. But you still worry that they won't.

    Bravo TV / Via

    Tbh, they don't really have a choice.

    9. And even though meeting new people can be exhausting, ou kind of can't help always trying to befriend almost everyone you meet.

    DreamWorks Studios / Via

    10. In fact, every time you have to do an ice breaker at work, you're the first to volunteer (and inevitably piss everyone else off).

    Hey Arnold / Via

    They all just want to leave.

    11. The thought of going home to an empty apartment is the worst feeling is the world.

    Melissa Kunnap / Via

    12. So if you're always going out, it's because you HAVE to.


    13. And while people always expect you to be the life of the party...

    Bounce TV / Via

    14. ...sometimes you're just not feeling it.

    BBC America / Via


    15. So even though you always look super-excited about everything...

    Illumination Entertainment / Via

    16. It's only a matter of time before the burnout gets to you.

    Fox / Via

    17. But until then, you're going to OWN who you are. Because you're killing the game, loud voice and all.

    Fox Broadcasting Company / Via


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