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You Need To Wake Up On Some Of The Coolest Members Of The 1D Family

Sure, we all love the boys, but have you met the dynamic duo behind some of the lads' most iconic looks?

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While Lou has been blessing us with glorious One Direction moments for quite some time (as seen here in their cinematic classic "This Is Us"), she's not as well-known in the US as she is in the UK.

Besides being a hair and makeup ace, she's THE coolest mum in the world, traveling on tour with her daughter Lux, who has practically been raised by 1D boys.

A Global Brand Ambassador for edgy hair line Fudge Urban, Teasdale recently started adding live makeup demos to her Snapchat. / Via

As a bonus, her Snapchat (louteasdale) often has some KILLER behind-the-scenes 1D action.

But did you know she had protégé? / Via

Meet Lottie Tomlinson, sister to golden prince Louis Tomlinson of 1D, football, and general handsomeness fame.

Having already finished school, Miss Tomlinson is touring around the world with her big brother's band, learning all the tricks of the trade from the one and only Lou Teasdale. / Via

The pair are generally cute as h*ck, even going on holiday together while the boys are on break. / Via

Beautiful little blonde family.

Look at Lottie on her 17th birthday, already slaying the pink-haired mermaid game.

Seriously it's frustrating when people that are not me are this cool.

Look at this then-16 year old, defining her brand better than you ever could.

Get your act together, for real.

AND (as if touring the planet doing hair and makeup for the world's biggest boyband weren't enough) she's just launched her own website and YouTube channel.

View this video on YouTube

Check her out at - mega-cool girl Tumblr vibes.

In conclusion, these two ultra-babes are fully living and if you're not following them both on Instagram and Lou on Snapchat, then you are SERIOUSLY missing out. / Via


*BONUS: Louis & Lux on Lou's Snapchat. Because need.

Louis and Lux on Lou's snapchat #MTVHottest One Direction

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