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    Updated on Dec 3, 2018. Posted on Jan 26, 2015

    15 Cartoon Characters Who Totally Rocked Their Natural Hair

    Virtual fro on fleek.

    1. Miranda, As Told By Ginger

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Kinks get winks, but this chick smiles for no one!

    2. Hermes, Futurama

    Comedy Central

    Sure they don't show him every episode, but when they do...those curls are poppin'.

    3. Suga Mama, The Proud Family

    Disney / Via

    Hey, she didn't name her dog "Puff" for nothing.

    4. Vince, Recess

    Disney / Via

    To this day guys are still trying to get Vince's high top look. Stop trying boys; there will never be another.

    5. Aisha, Winx Club

    Fox / Via

    Aisha's got a looser curl—3c, maybe? Definitely hair crush-worthy.

    6. Slideshow Bob, The Simpsons

    Fox / Via

    I'm convinced that this is what Blake Griffin would look like if he'd just let his natural fro grow out.

    7. Sue Ellen, Arthur

    PBS / Via

    Her kinks were the cutest, but she wasn't the only curly ginger on Arthur. Remember Prunella, the snobby fourth grader?

    8. Jerome, Family Guy

    Fox / Via

    Jerome is a prime example of the "fro-go." Yes, that's referring to his perfect afro-goatee combo.

    9. Susie, Rugrats


    She'd probably have a mean twist-out if she'd ever let her ponytails down. For real though, those bow-bows have been in forever.

    10. Otto Rocket, Rocket Power


    Dreads? Maybe. Either way, homeboy's hair is definitely not straight. Naturals for the win.

    11. Opal, PB&J Otter

    Disney / Via

    PB&J's mom stayed with a fly TWA. Ladies, here is your big chop inspo.

    12. Gerald, Hey, Arnold!

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Would seriously kill to get this kid's volumizing shampoo.

    13. Huey and Jazmine, The Boondocks

    Adult Swim / Cartoon Network

    Let's just take a moment to admire the fact that her pony-puffs are larger than her head. #Goals

    14. Trixie, American Dragon: Jake Long

    Disney / Via

    She's natural, but, she has bone straight bangs with a middle part. Just how many YouTube tutorials do you have to watch in order to pull that off? Skills!

    15. Libby, Jimmy Neutron

    Nickelodeon / Via

    OK, her hair was relaxed on the first season, but she came back with chunky braids in season two. We're gonna count her as a transitioning. Congrats on your natural hair journey, Lib.

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