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19 Melbourne Cafés That Are Taking Avocado Toast To A Whole New Level

Because nobody smashes avo like they do.

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1. Tom Dick & Harry, South Yarra

Smashed avocado on toast? Amazing. Smashed avocado on chia seed toast with a cauliflower, corn, pomegranate and quinoa salad, and a poached egg? Absolutely next level. Toorak Road's Tom Dick & Harry gets the avocado accompaniments spot on.

2. Journeyman, Windsor

Avocado and hummus come together at last in one great dish — and on one piece of toast — at Journeyman. This dish is also topped with candied bacon, a poached egg, and a sprinkle of dukkah. Along with Dukes coffee, you can see why this is one of the most popular cafes on Chapel Street.

3. Combi, Elwood

Of all the toast in all of Melbourne, Combi's has to be the most Instagrammed. The simple combo of avocado, feta, lemon, and pumpkin seeds is a clear winner at this organic, raw health cafe.

4. The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, Carlton

Whoever told you popcorn wasn't a breakfast food was wrong. Because not only has Vertue been bold enough to serve up popcorn with your avocado and ricotta on toast, but it's also been able to prove that it tastes good too.

5. Crompton Coffee, Richmond

If you're looking for a legit avocado on toast, you can't go much further than a café that specialises in toast. Crompton Coffee is just that: a toast cafe. This place literally serves only toast, so you can be confident that your order won't fall by the wayside — your bread will be cooked to perfection, and the spiced avo will be smeared just right.

6. Proud Mary, Collingwood

From their killer coffee to their iconic breakfast menu, Proud Mary knows how to please a crowd — and their avocado is no exception. A creamy avo smash with chilli ricotta, and a quinoa and corn tabouleh, this dish hits the spot every time.

7. Barry, Northcote

Bonus points to Barry for making its "crushed" avo look as good as it tastes. The radishes, seeds, mint, and cottage cheese add a bit of texture and colour — and it all comes atop some dark rye bread.

8. Feast of Merit, Richmond

Order Feast of Merit's Winter Harvest and you won't just get avocado — you'll get a whole plate of yum spiced veggies, including roasted cauliflower, spiced eggplant, and carrot. Add some flat bread for $3.50 and you've got the best Middle Eastern avo on toast out there. And you can feel good about it too, as all profits from the cafe-restaurant go to social enterprise YGAP.

9. Drugstore Espresso, South Yarra

The smashed avo is Drugstore Espresso's pièce de résistance — scattered with charred corn, surrounded by semi-dried cherry tomatoes, and propped up with spikes of crisp polenta prisms, this is one avocado dish that you won't forget in a hurry.

10. Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

There's a reason this avocado, house relish, and potato and rosemary rosti combo has been on the menu at Mixed Business forever — it's good. Really good. And best enjoyed in the cute courtyard out the back.

11. Sardi, Hawthorn

Because everything tastes better with haloumi. Hawthorn's small café Sardi gets smashed avo spot on with some pumpkin seeds, lemon, quinoa loaf, and the all-important golden slices of salty cheese.

12. Touchwood, Richmond

Touchwood don't just have one smashed avo option —  it has two! Avocado toast No. 1 features feta, mint, picked red onion, and house smoked salmon or bacon, while No. 2 comes with beetroot relish, burnt lime, pickled red onion, coriander, and mixed seeds. Choose wisely.

13. Legacy, Camberwell

This new Camberwell café is living up to its name, leaving a bit of a legacy in the smashed avocado department. And with radishes, heirloom tomatoes, and a poached egg, it should be your go-to if you're in the Eastern suburbs craving avocado on toast.

14. Shifty Chevre, Fitzroy

You really can't go wrong with avocado and cheese. And you really can't go wrong in a cheese bar, either. Brunswick Street's cheese heaven serves up avo on toast with tomato salsa, salmon, and haloumi every day until 6pm. It's licensed too, so you can enjoy that bad boy with a glass of wine in hand.

15. Cheerio, Richmond

Cheerio proves that good things come in small cafes, including this classic smash on sourdough — complete with avocado, broad beans, peas, Meredith goat's cheese, chilli, mint, and dukkah. Cheerio does a great Seven Seeds coffee too.

16. Fifteen Pounds, Fairfield

A trip to Fairfield is worth it for The Roman at the lovely Fifteen Pounds. With wild rocket, San Daniele prosciutto, Grana Padano cheese, poached eggs, and basil pesto, this avocado smash will satisfy all cravings — and get you some of your daily greens.

17. Mr Hendricks, Balwyn

This photogenic smash comes with a light salad of feta, dukka, spring onion, beans, and mint. Order with a side of Mr Hendricks' crispy eggs, and you'll have yourself one of life's simple pleasures.

18. Kinfolk, CBD

Whether you're looking for an avo fix before you head into the office or need a hit on your lunch break, Kinfolk does one of the best in the city. It comes with heirloom tomatoes, basil, marjoram, lime, and basil, but this dish is next level if you add a big blob of burrata on top for $4.50.

19. Top Paddock, Richmond

This is one for those who just like to keep it simple, because this dish is just avocado, lemon, and black salt. Sure, your avocado comes still in the skin and you'll have to assemble your breakfast yourself, but sometimes it's the uncomplicated things that taste the best.