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    This Car Dealership's Sign About Female Drivers Is Pissing People Off

    And the guy who put it there isn't sorry.

    A sign outside a car dealership in Prince Edward Island saying women can't drive has raised the ire of locals.

    Megan Beairsto

    The sign is outside Mellish Motors, just off the highway east of Summerside.

    Posted a week ago, it read "Women are like snowflakes, they can't drive."

    "Right away I was like, 'oh my god,'" said Chelsea Ling, who lives in Charlottetown. Her friend had posted an image of the sign on Facebook, where it was generating conversation. Ling then posted it on Twitter, where it got even more attention.

    "This car dealership is on the main highway to Summerside and I was just kind of blown away," Ling told BuzzFeed Canada.

    "It doesn’t make sense and it’s just a pot shot at women."

    A few days later, it was replaced with this: "Sensitive women don't read this sign, you know who you are!"

    Megan Beairsto

    Though Ling said the new sign was "clearly just a taunt at women," the man behind the signs doesn't see a problem.

    John Mellish has been adorning the sign with "humorous" phrases since the dealership opened more than nine years ago. He received a few text messages about the "snowflakes" sign but said no one phoned or talked to him in person.

    "What has happened there is probably a couple of people with too much time on their hands made an issue of things, and I accept that," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Mellish spoke to a morning show back in 2013 about his signs — which have also touched on race, obesity, and alcoholism — and was equally unapologetic.

    Morning Show On The Go / Via

    He told the interviewer he's never taken a sign down for being too offensive.

    “I’ve had to apologize to a couple of people. When we’re doing this stuff, if I put up something about men or about myself, there’s no response at all. If I put up something about females, there’s a lot of apologies going on," said Mellish.

    Mellish upped the ante once again on Monday with a fresh sign, this one reading, "Attention drama queens, auditions for today have been cancelled!"

    Megan Beairsto

    "I’m not putting that out to any individual person, or any group. That’s a humorous saying on my sign that people can interpret any way they wish," said Mellish.

    "Even though it says it says 'drama queens' it can be applied to males, females."

    Despite what many are calling blatant sexism, Mellish thinks this is a story about social media. He left the first sign up an extra day after seeing the reaction online.

    "Some people are almost hateful when they get on there. Would they have said those things without social media? Would this have been a story without social media?" said Mellish.

    He says if people don't like it, they can choose not to look at it. That's not a satisfying solution for Ling, however. "I think there’s a difference between making a crude joke like that in a room with friends, not on a public highway," she said.

    "I have two little boys and my oldest boy can read and I wouldn't like him reading that on the highway."