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What Changes Have You Made That Helped You Love Your Body?

Tell us what you did that helped you to embrace your body this year.

Let’s be honest, 2018 has been a rough year. But we still hope you took some time to appreciate yourself and your body.

We’d like to know what you started—or stopped—doing that helped you to love your body.

Maybe, for the first time, you wore or did something daring. Maybe it was something sexy or not sexy at all.

Maybe you made some positive steps to recovery.

Maybe you moved your body in new ways that made you feel free.

Maybe someone inspired you. It could be someone you know IRL or who you started following on Instagram or Twitter.

Maybe it was just taking a selfie. Or maybe you stopped taking selfies or started using social media in a new way.

We’re looking for stories from people with any and every kind of body who learned to feel happier, sexier, comfier, or more in touch with the skin they’re in.

Whatever it is, we would like to hear about what you did to embrace your bod. So tell us!