This Real Estate Listing Goes From Cute To Terrifying Real Fast


    This is a home for sale in Brantford, Ontario. Doesn't it look nice and normal and not at all scary?

    What a nice neighbourhood.

    Look at that pleasant, not-the-scene-of-a-murder backyard.

    No reason to run screaming from this garage. Nope.

    A nice, neat bathroom.

    A cute little country kitchen.

    Wait. What are those?

    Are those... clowns?



    Which some people may find cute and charming, but for anyone with a clown phobia...

    It may be unsettling.

    The bungalow, listed by realtor Kyle Jansink is really one-in-a-million.

    It actually has a heartwarming back story, though.

    And now people are sharing the listing because it really is a roller coaster of emotion.

    Scroll through the pics. You'll know when you see it. 😱😱😱

    The main emotion being fear, for the clown averse. LOOK AT THE INTERIOR OF THIS HOUSE. THIS IS A MURDER HOUSE LIVED IN BY A MURDER PERSON.

    The house's seller declined to be interviewed, but realtor Jansink told BuzzFeed Canada he's surprised it blew up online.

    If you're so inclined, you can have the house for a mere $239,900.

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