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A Canadian Family Is Fighting To Keep These Little Cuties At Home

Are small goats pets or farm animals?

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Freddie and George live in Richard Simm's backyard in Richmond, British Columbia and he's now fighting the city to keep them there.

According to local bylaws, Simm's yard isn't large enough to legally keep domestic farm animals. Simm and his wife were aware of the bylaws when they got Freddie and George two years ago, but thought that, as pets, they would be exempt.

"We treat them like pets, they behave like pets, the neighborhood respects them like pets," Simm told BuzzFeed Canada.

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"It's not like a there's whole lot of utility that we can garner from them — except they keep our lawn nice and trim."

The city first got in touch a year ago after receiving an anonymous complaint.

"I looked at the bylaw again and said I'd defend any charge in court because I believe they are household pets," said Simm.

Then last June, another complaint came in — this one with a name attached to it — and the city cracked down, sending a letter giving Simm 30 days to rehome the goats. After getting an extension, August 18 is the final day to move Freddie and George.

As of Tuesday morning, however, they're still in Simm's backyard.

"I would say that a lot of our neighbours love them more than we do," said Simm. He's installed a feedbox and feeding hole in a fence so passersby can feed the goats.

"They get up in the morning and look forward to seeing George and Freddie, it's the highlight of their day."

Richard Simm

Simm said he's had multiple people offer up their larger yards for the pair, but he's determined to keep them if he can. According to Global News, at least one councillor is trying to get the city to review the bylaw.

Simm has set up a Facebook page and a petition in a bid to get keep the the goats at home.

"George and Freddie have had such a wide impact on our neighbourhood. I feel that because everybody wants them to stay, I have a duty to our community," he said.

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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