This American Learned Why You Don't Troll Canada

    Yeah, well, how about you beat us in health care.

    Okay, so Canada's women's hockey team lost the gold medal for the first time in a very long time. To the US, of all places.

    It prompted Chris Sedenka, a radio host in Maine, to tweet this little bit of trolling.

    Hey @Canada, what else would you like us to beat you in today?

    Well, sorry to say, Chris, but Canada isn't here to fuck around.

    Gun control. Please my American friends, please please put Canada to shame in gun control.

    Being better than the US is a key part of the Canadian identity.

    Thats really hurtful 😨 I'm going to go to the doctor and get my feelings checked. For free. 🇨🇦 #MCGA

    Come for our hockey and we will take any moral high ground we can get.

    our neighbors to the north wouldn't mind being beaten in health care access, firearms safety, or the likeability of…

    This went on for hours.

    Science funding

    We will die on all these hills.

    @ChrisSedenka @Canada How about the medal count?

    We embrace our saltiness.

    @ChrisSedenka @Canada Canada 24 medals population 37 million. USA 21 medals population 325 million.

    We were born in saltiness.

    1. Gun control 2. Universal healthcare 3. Electing a leader who isn't a racist 4. Traveling abroad and not having t…

    Salt runs in our veins.

    @ChrisSedenka @Canada Healthcare? Education? Number of golds/medals in Olympic? Gun control? Street and school safe…

    Despite a thorough roasting, Chris took it all in stride.

    Okay Canada, time to call it a night. I hope y'all know this tweet was all in good fun. I enjoyed interacting with…

    But the lesson here is simple — don't fuck with Canada.