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These Kids Got A Building Permit From Their City To Build Gingerbread Houses

The sweetest permit.

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Your tax dollars were put to some real wholesome work this month when the planning department in Surrey, British Columbia, made some holiday dreams come (legally) true.

It started with a letter sent by a Grade 1 class requesting a building permit for "a community of gingerbread houses."

"We will not cut down any trees and we will not need to buy any land," the letter explained. It also outlined their materials: graham crackers, candy, icing, and chocolate.

They included some design plans by way of adorably drawn houses.

And the city responded with an official letter approving their permit.

"Your request for a building permit has been approved with conditions including the houses to be constructed of candy only and must be cute and delicious," it read. "Ensure there is access for Santa and his reindeers."

And the permit itself is even more adorable, specifying the building materials and declaring the value of construction as "priceless."

It also noted that construction of gingerbread families would require separate permits, because even the sweetest of endeavors encounter red tape.

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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