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The Pan Am Games Tried To Stop People From Linking To Its Website

Good luck with that.

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The Register, a UK tech news site, noticed the linking rule amid the "incomprehensible legalese" and concluded that " lawyers appear confused by this internet thingy."

Being manners-minded Brits, they requested permission to link to the website.

Dear Pan Am Games lawyers,

Welcome to the internet.

We would like to seek permission to link to your website for a story we are writing about how ludicrous it is that you are requesting people to ask permission to link to your site.

And got this response.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failureā€¦

The organizers have also trademarked "TO2015," which is a popular hashtag for the games.

Metro / Via

So, technically, using TO2015 without permission to use TO2015 from the people interested in protecting TO2015 could land you in trouble for using TO2015.

However, as Metro pointed out in April, the TO2015 protection is mostly to stop brands not associated with TO2015 from using TO2015 if they're not official sponsors of TO2015.

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