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The TTC Was Somehow Named “Transit System Of The Year” And Toronto Is Not Having It

Attention trolls on Line 1.

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Toronto's public transit system has been named the system of the year for North America by the American Public Transportation Association.

Your #TTC has been awarded Transit System of the Year for 2017 by @APTA_Transit! Congrats to all!

Which, yes, is a real nonprofit promoting public transit. So this award appears to be a real thing.

Because between short turns, and delays, and random deboardings, and fare hikes, and bunched up streetcars, and the basic experience of trying to take the Yonge line during rush hour...


People are a bit confused.

And thus the trolling began.

@bradTTC @APTA_Transit I'm guessing you've been waiting forever for one of these awards, and now four of them are g…

We've got jokes about delays.

@bradTTC @APTA_Transit Whoever gave out this award has never had to wait 45 mins for the 506 Carlton #ttc

From people currently experiencing delays, even.

@bradTTC @APTA_Transit As I wait for a vehicle on the 501 route..


We've got token burns.

@bradTTC @mattgallowaycbc @APTA_Transit In the "still using tokens" category?

And we've got all manner of sass.

@bradTTC @APTA_Transit I thought we agreed that giving participation awards does no one any good..

Literally nearly every reply is a burn or expression of disbelief.

Because even if the TTC is not always reliable, Toronto’s disdain of it sure is.

Lauren Strapagiel is Managing Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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