People Can’t Handle How Hilariously Awful This Beyoncé Wax Figure Is

Why, Niagara Falls, why.

1. This is Beyoncé — performer, artist, living god, etc.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

2. And this…this is supposed to look like Beyoncé. Instead, it looks like a damn tragedy.

3. It’s hard to say whether the face or that satin mother-of-the-bride-circa-‘92 is the bigger offence here.

4. And those eyes, silently begging for her suffering to end.

5. The abomination lives at Louis Tussaud Waxworks in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This woman recently visited and alerted Twitter to this imposter.

6. People are, justifiably, losing it.

@Winklahh @Bey_Legion Really!?? Beyoncé....

— جاويد • (@muva_ri)

7. The disrespect shown to Queen Bey is unspeakable.

8. And the BeyHive did not hesitate to swarm.

@Winklahh @Bey_Legion

— Mike hunt (@thotonekid98)

9. This is a stain on the great nation of Canada.

@LeighLa16 @Winklahh @Bey_Legion Canada..??

— Ben Orosz (@Ben3PO)

10. People tried to figure out what the figure does look like, if not Beyoncé.

11. Although, tbh, there’s only one valid response here.

12. It also turns out that wax museums the world over are chronically unable to capture Beyoncé’s essence.

14. But at least the Niagara Falls version is marginally better than this “burnt Farrah Fawcett.”

Yikes. Sorry, Bey.

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