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Team Canada Was So Adorably Happy For Mirai Nagasu And Her Triple Axel

Canada keeping it classy.

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This is Mirai Nagasu, the first American woman to pull off a triple axel at the Olympics.

Roberto Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images

It was very impressive, to say the least. But the cherry on top was Team Canada losing its shit in the background. Watch closely.

Not a lot can top @Mirai_Nagasu being the 1st American woman to land a triple Axel at the #Olympics but can we just…

Here's a closer look.

Canada cheering @mirai_nagasu as she becomes to first US woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics is just the ep…

We're so happy!

"That's some gold medal sportsmanship!"

During the slow-mo replay of @mirai_nagasu historic triple axel on @NBCOlympics watch @mhjd_85, and all of Team Can…

And isn't that what this is about, after all?

Watching Team Canada erupt into applause when American skater Mirai Nagasu became only the third woman to land a tr…

If nothing else, Canada is taking home gold for being supportive cuties.

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing @mhjd_85 and Team Canada so happy for @mirai_nagasu! Great sportsmanship! <3

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