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This Is What Happens When You Have The Same Name As A Fired CBC Host

"Day in the life of an accidental Canadian celebrity."

This is Evan Solomon, who was fired as the host of CBC's Power and Politics after a Toronto Star investigation found he was involved in secret art deals.

JasonParis / Via commons.wikimedia.org

This is also Evan Solomon, but this one is a tech industry worker in San Francisco.

Courtesy of American Evan Solomon / Via Twitter: @evansolomon

Clearly different dudes.

@evansolomon / @evansolomoncbc
@evansolomon / @evansolomoncbc
@evansolomon / @evansolomoncbc

Yet, when news broke about Canadian Solomon, American Solomon's Twitter notifications blew up.

The Canadian version of me got fired from his job as a TV anchor for selling art, and I don't understand anything. https://t.co/XqIDtAXeaE

Day in the life of an accidental Canadian celebrity https://t.co/YnNTMB4JoM

"I've known about Canadian Evan for years. Usually I get a couple mentions per day, usually complaining about my/his interviews not being hard enough on someone, American Solomon told BuzzFeed Canada via email.

"Once in a while, like during elections, it blows up."

He had to turn off Twitter notifications because his phone was "was going off nonstop."

He was even getting messages from Canadian journalists (who you'd think would know better).

If any Canadian journalists want a statement about @evansolomoncbc getting fired, I recommend dm'ing me w/o realizing you have the wrong guy

American Solomon said the Tweets can get irritating, but the whole thing is "absolutely more funny than annoying."

"A lot of my friends have known about Canadian Evan for a while, so they're loving this. My parents also think it's hilarious," he said.

If CBC is looking for a new Power and Politics host, they may have found their man.

Maybe we should keep this simple and just make @evansolomon the new host?

@Hooberbloob I summarized my position years ago and am available to host as many shows as Canada needs https://t.co/tsvSVe3oSj

American Solomon is in good company when it comes to mistaken Canadian identities. A news anchor in Australia named Mike Duffy has also been the victim of well-intentioned Canucks.

@leannekiss_lk Your tweet has given me the courage to battle on against this cruel injustice. Canadian Senator Mike Duffy should heed it too

@margiebarkley @MacleansMag You make a fine point. However, look closely and you'll see I'm not 68-year-old Canadian senator Mike Duffy.

On behalf of Canada: sorry, everyone.


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