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A Calgary Man Pulled An "Up" And Tried To Parachute Off This Flying Contraption

He's uninjured but facing a mischief charge.

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There was a curious sight over Calgary Sunday evening.

@GlobalCalgary: Who is this idiot way up over Calgary in a chair attached to balloons? #upovercalgary

Can anyone explain to me the ton of balloons floating above Calgary right now that looks like Up in real life?! #yyc #CalgaryStampede

Let's zoom in.

Yes, that is a man perched on a lawn chair attached to a plume of festively-hued helium balloons.

Just saw this floating through the skies of Calgary. Hope it’s not a stampede #balloon vendor out of control. #yyc


According to the Calgary Police Service (CPS), the flying contraption was spotted in the air around 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, heading toward the downtown area:

"As he approached the downtown area, the man jumped from the chair and opened a parachute attached to his back. He landed in the green space located at Highfield Blvd. S.E. and Ogden Road S.E. Although officers are not able to confirm his exact destination, the man has indicated he was attempting to land in the Stampede grounds.

Police say he made it to the ground uninjured.

Calgary man Daniel Boria, 26, is now facing one count of mischief causing danger to life.

Boria, released from police custody on Monday, told the Calgary Sun that strong winds pushed him off course.

Yes, this happened. Calgary man flew over city in chair w balloons. Now charged by police #cbc

His aircraft was made of more than 100 balloons purchased online and a $20 lawn chair from Canadian Tire, he told the Sun. The goal was apparently to promote a cleaning business and while he expected some legal consequences, he didn't think they'd be "this severe."

"I'm glad he didn't die," a business associate told the Sun.


The Calgary Police Service has clarified that Boria is facing one count of mischief, not two.

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