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    Ottawa Lost Its Shit In The Most Polite Way After The Sens Moved Ahead In The Playoffs

    Ottawa gon' Ottawa.

    The Ottawa Senators knocked the New York Rangers out of the playoffs last night in a satisfying 4-2 win.

    Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

    And the city subsequently lost its shit. But, like, politely.

    This video shows fans politely waiting for the light to change so that they can party in the street without disturbing traffic.

    This the most Canadian thing ever: Sens fans partying in the street, but only when the light turns red. Back to the…

    Red light: PARTY TIME.

    Brian Platt/Ottawa Citizen

    Green light: CLEAR THE STREETS.

    Brian Platt/Ottawa Citizen

    It is surely among the most Canadian things to have ever happened.

    It's at least the most Ottawa thing to have ever happened.

    @btaplatt Thank you @Senators fans! We @OttawaPolice appreciate your good behaviour while celebrating!! #GoSensGo

    So courteous. So orderly. So Ottawa.

    @btaplatt I got caught at the Red light - when it turned green the #sens let me go! 😂👏

    The Sens will now move on to the Eastern Conference Final.

    But it's not just hockey fans who party responsibly. Blue Jays fans were seen on camera havingan equally cordial celebration after a win in 2015.

    Joseph Morris / BuzzFeed Canada / Via

    Stay golden, Canada.

    Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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