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Holy NOPE, There Were Two Giant Spiders On This Flight To Montreal

Better or worse than snakes?

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As if flying through the air in a metal tube isn't terrifying enough, some deeply unlucky passengers heading from the Dominican Republic to Montreal last month had to contend with giant goddamn spiders.

Not the spider in question, just a stock photo to haunt your dreams.
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Not the spider in question, just a stock photo to haunt your dreams.

An anonymous passenger told CBC News two large spiders (like, 10 to 20 centimetres in diameter) were spotted on the Air Transat flight last month.

According to CBC, passengers were screaming and standing on their seats as flight attendants instructed them to cover their feet and ankles. Both spiders were eventually caught — one by a passenger and one by a federal agent after the plane landed in Montreal.

"Passengers who have seen the spiders (we have no confirmation of the species) were certainly surprised, but according to our flight report, they reacted calmly," Debbie Cabana, a spokesperson for Air Transat, told BuzzFeed Canada.

"Our cabin crew are trained to ensure the safety of our passengers at all times. In the case at hand, which is an unusual and isolated event, our staff reacted promptly and efficiently," she added.

Although Air Transat could not confirm the species, an entomologist told CBC they were likely Phormictopus cancerides, a tarantula native to the Dominican.

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Although venomous, they're not known to be lethal to humans. Some people even keep them as pets.

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So kudos to the brave passenger who managed to capture one of the beasties. Because otherwise this is the one and only appropriate reaction.

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