Twitter Turned This Sad Kermit Into An Emotional Roller Coaster No One Asked For

    *wipes away nuanced tear*

    First of all, please look at this tiny, sad Kermit. All fuzzy and forlorn.

    But don't worry, Twitter's @jonnysun has turned smol, somber Kermit into a ray of wholesome hope.

    when u give urself a gentle hug evrey night before u go to bed, reassuring urself that no mater wat, the day was yo…


    And he challenged others to do the same.

    @jonnysun the chalemge.. can u wholesome the sadest meme in the worlbd, i think.. no

    @jonnysun when ur doggo is sleeping by your bed & he's snoring slightly & you marvel at the amazing kindness of thi…

    It was all so innocent.

    @jonnysun when you're sitting outside and become mesmerized by the way the grass ripples in the wind

    We were just having a great time, making a cute lil' meme.

    @jonnysun when you're a little kid and you're cold so you pull your shirt over your knees and it feels pretty good.

    @jonnysun When you're sitting on the floor watching your baby learn to crawl and you're in amazed at how much you l…


    when your heart hurts b/c you have to leave your family but you know they don't want you anywhere else but chasing…

    Are memes supposed to take you on a complex emotional journey?

    @jonnysun when you intellectually know that masculinity is a toxic prison but keep catching yourself perpetuating a…

    Because this one will hollow out your heart, leaving you an empty human-shaped husk.

    @jonnysun when you realize that your daughter is now too big to hold without it looking silly, and you will never p…

    It's all too real.

    @jonnysun When ur in an argument with a loved one and ur thinking of the right joke to break the silence and make t…

    That feeling is your insides crumpling.

    .@jonnysun when the painful memory comes back, but it's nice to feel the hurt, to feel anything.

    That weight is the knowledge that everyone feels just as lost and alone as you do.

    @jonnysun when you realise your nothing but a tiny speck in the universe and hug to reassure your self that your li…

    But maybe our collective worries and insecurities are what tie us together. Maybe that's a beautiful thing.

    @jonnysun when u think about all the beautiful places in the world you'll never see

    Maybe we're all sad, smol Kermits sometimes — and that's okay.