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    This Calgary Couple's "Simpsons" Kitchen DIY Is Eeeeexcellent

    Woo Hoo!

    Decking out a kitchen in clashing pastel hues might sound tacky to home, but for one Calgary couple it's a DIY dream.


    Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton have spent the last eight months recreating the kitchen from The Simpsons in their own home.

    Marcia Andreychuk

    “It was a random, conceptual moment that set everything in motion,” Andreychuk told BuzzFeed Canada.

    She said to Hamilton, “We should retrovate our kitchen to look like The Simpsons.”

    His response? A resounding “Yes!”

    While Hamilton is the household Simpsons superfan, Andreychuk was keen to give the room an unconventional facelift.

    “I’m just the fan of their quirky kitchen! Stainless steel appliances and modern cabinetry is so boring to me,” she said.

    They started by hanging this image of the Simpsons' kitchen as inspiration then started hunting down everything they would need.

    Marcia Andreychuk

    They've been perfecting the look since December, adding in touches like purple cabinets with blue knobs.

    Marcia Andreychuk

    And yellow and blue checkered flooring.

    Marcia Andreychuk

    Though they "splurged" and spent $2,000 on new a flooring, they've kept costs low by getting crafty. Andreychuk estimates they've spent just over $300 on the smaller touches, including contact paper to change the colours of their countertop, cabinets and appliances.

    The small details are all there, too, like green utensils and corncob drapes.

    Marcia Andreychuk

    Andreychuk sewed the curtains herself after finding the perfect corncob print fabric online and found a curtain rod holder at a thrift store.

    They also jazzed up their washer and dryer with a retro pink and white look.

    Marcia Andreychuk

    They're not done yet, though. The couple is still on the lookout for some finishing touches like a purple toaster, teal blender, orange phone and yellow canisters. They'll also be recruiting their nephews to recreate the Simpson children's artwork on the family fridge.

    "So far the response has outwardly been 'cool!'" said Andreychuk.

    "You can tell though that some people hold their real opinions back; these are the folks who just don’t like colour and/or are ingrained in the 'modular status quo.'"

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