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This Hairless Hamster Is Proof That Everything Is Better Naked

And she has a little sweater!

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The shelter staff fell in love with her right away, and not just because of her unusual appearance.

Oregon Humane Society

"She’s got a very good personality" David Lytle, a shelter spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News. "In fact a lot of hamsters are like that. They’re curious, they like people, they like to be held and hang out with people, and she falls into that."


Animal care technician Selene Mejia even crocheted a tiny sweater for Silky to make sure she stays warm.

Oregon Humane Society

"She won people over, and when she modeled the sweater that sealed the deal, because oh boy was she cute," said Lytle.

The shelter is warm enough that Silky doesn't need the sweater, so it's kind of a just-for-fun thing.