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    This Guy Is Completing 12 Hilarious Dares For Christmas

    The shitter was full, but soon your heart will be too.

    People in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia were recently treated to the sight of a grown man in a small bathrobe and furry hat, a drink in hand, casually standing by the side of the road.

    It wasn't, as some people assumed, just another day in Lower Sackville. It was actually a perfect recreation of this beloved scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

    Eric Anstey, the man behind the stunt, spent 15 minutes in the rain, waving at passing cars and yelling "shitter's full!"

    His wife recorded the whole thing and, along with her hilarious running commentary, the whole thing is an utter delight.

    Facebook: video.php

    But he wasn't just doing it for laughs. Anstey is completing "12 dares of Christmas" to raise money for a scholarship fund.

    So far, Anstey has:

    * Shaved his beard

    * Performed a spectacular Whitney Houston lip sync in his wife's dress

    * Walked around a Sobey's parking lot in a wrestling outfit

    * Attempted to down 4 litres of milk (this one didn't go so well)

    * Taken a two-minute ice bath

    * Sang Christmas carols at Costco in a festive costume

    He's been broadcasting each dare in hilarious Facebook live videos. The "National Lampoon" stunt has been his most popular so far, nearing 40,000 views.

    "I’m happy to entertain, but the most important thing for me was the donations and getting as much money as I could for the kids about to start their college careers," Anstey told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Follow Anstey on Facebook to watch him complete his dares and find out how to donate to the scholarship fund.

    Facebook: video.php