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Rescued Animals Are Getting Their Snuggle On Thanks To This Ontario Woman's Handmade Nests

"There's just so much to love about it!"

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That's where Katie Deline-Ray comes in.

The 39-year-old Ontarian runs Wildlife Rescue Nests, a project that sends crocheted and knitted nests to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres.

And the results are ohmygoshsocute!

Deline-Ray told BuzzFeed Canada she started the project in 2013 after seeing a similar initiative in the U.S.

The nests are made with a flat bottom and double strands for a sturdy frame.

Wildlife Rescue Nets / Via

"The key to making the nests is tension on the yarn," said Deline-Ray.

"The tension must be kept tight on the yarn so there are no loops or loose sections. This is to help avoid any claws or little toes getting caught."


She also designed a "cave nest" for burrowing animals.

"The rescues love the cave nests as it gives their animals an added sense of security," she said.

At first, Deline-Ray was just sending the nests to rescues in Ontario but now her mailing list includes 70 centres, including places in Australia and the U.K.

She's not doing it alone, though. She said there's about 250 volunteers who have helped make the more than 3,000 nests she's sent out.

The patterns are available online for any would-be nest makers.

"I love making these nests because I have a great admiration for all the amazing work that wildlife rescues do and I feel like I have a part in giving back to wildlife in a small way," said Deline-Ray.

Wildlife Rescue Nets / Via

"I also love the amazing network that has been created, the wonderful people I have made connections with and I love seeing all of the different species that may not be native to where I am."

"There's just so much to love about it!"

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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