This Mom Who Breastfed At Her Own Hockey Game Is Canada's New Hero

    "You CAN continue doing the things you love. You CAN do them while breastfeeding. "

    People can't get enough of this photo showing a Canadian mom breastfeeding her baby girl in between periods of her hockey game.

    The woman is Serah Small, a hockey player and teacher in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The photo shows her in the change room, feeding her 8-week-old baby.

    It was shared by Milky Way Lactation Services, which said, "This is what self-care and breastfeeding looks like."

    "I felt my milk come in and leak as I played and between periods I would strip down to feed my 8-week-old babe," Small told Milky Way.

    "Being a mom is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy I got to do something I absolutely love while still meeting my baby's needs," she added. "Our bodies are amazing and this weekend was the first time I truly appreciated mine."

    She told CBC News that her teammates didn't bat an eye, either.

    "We just continued getting ready. It wasn't a big deal, other than they thought she was so cute. So that was it, it was normal," she told CBC.

    Small shared her own photo of the moment, saying she's "been so scared to post this photo that I absolutely adore."

    Facebook: serah.lanktree.5

    "Why? Because society has made [breasts] sexual. After sharing the photo with a lactation consultant that has [helped] me and Ellie I have come to realize that it should not be something to be ashamed of but proud of," she wrote.

    "I have a really hard time feeding Ellie covered and have chose not to cover her at all. Although at times I feel the burn of judgmental eyes I feel more empowered than anything to be able to meet my babies needs the way my body intended."

    Both photos now have hundreds of shares and comments, with people applauding Small for being so candid. But also because it's just so perfectly Canadian.

    "If you breast feed with hockey skates on.... you're a Canadian!!!!" one person commented.