People Can’t Stop Laughing At Montreal’s Ugly Christmas Tree

    "...looks like an erectile dysfunction."

    This holiday season, Montreal's big ambition was to get a Christmas tree even taller than the iconic Rockefeller Center tree in New York City. For reference, here's the Rockefeller tree.

    And here's the tree Montreal procured.

    nothing like a nice flat top christmas tree in montreal's artistic area. give is character.. #thetophattree

    Again, for reference, Rockefeller Center's 94-foot tall Norway spruce.

    And, again, Montreal's 70-foot balsam fir — still shorter than the Rockefeller tree.

    if you thought montreal couldn't get any more embarrassing, this is the tree we have downtown to compete with ny's…

    *sad trombone*

    Sitting outside Place des Arts, locals have noticed the Montreal tree is a little...sparse. And lopsided.

    Looks like the city of Montréal sub-contracted it Christmas tree to Charlie Brown.

    And topped off with Canadian Tire logos, just to make it that much worse.

    There's plenty to criticize, but I think the worst thing about the Montreal tree are the Canadian Tire decorations.

    "Erectile dysfunction" is a phrase that has occurred to people.

    Can someone tell me why our Christmas tree in Montreal they set up looks like an erectile dysfunction

    "Looks like it was just released from Xmas tree rehab," said another. Ouch.

    Montreal's Christmas tree looks like it was just released from Xmas tree rehab and needs any spare change you might…

    It has its own parody account on Twitter now, naturally.

    Je suis la preuve que Montréal est une ville tolérante #TLMEP #KissMeImUgly

    "I'm proof that Montreal is a tolerant city."

    Sure is tall, though!

    Despite its literal shortcomings, some are finding it sort of endearing. Like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

    Hey Montreal I like your Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Has some personality.

    "It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love."