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Netflix Photoshopped Anne Of Green Gables And People Are Upset

OK but WHY.

This is Anne Shirley (aka Anne of Green Gables) as she appears in ads for the CBC reboot of the beloved Canadian story.

The series is also going to be carried by Netflix for American viewers, but this is how she looks in their promo.

The bags under her eyes are gone.

Her teeth have also been brightened, making those crooked buckteeth stand out less.

And the colour and shading changes make Anne's freckles less prominent and her face appear thinner.

Keep in mind that Anne is meant to be 11 years old in the series.

Here's how they compare when placed on top of each other.

And you can bet that people have noticed.

Canada v. America #AnneTheSeries #AnneOnNetflix

Freckles are one her defining features, so toning them down is not going over well.

The Netflix poster for Anne toned down her freckles so much... literally the point is that she has a lot of freckles and red hair

According to many people on social media, the last thing Anne needs is Photoshop — it's her so-called imperfections that made people fall in love with her.

@jennylitster @LMMontgomeryLS @AnneTheSeries @AmybethMcnulty @netflix Poor Anne. @netflix apparently doesn't think…

.@Netflix, shame on you for photoshopping this lovely 14-year-old for American audiences! She needs no "enhancement…

Netflix did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.