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This Featherless Lovebird Is Actually So, So Cute

Total strangers are sending her lil' sweaters.

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Eisenmann told BuzzFeed News that in more severe cases, the disease can cause birds to lose their claws and beaks.

Rhea, thankfully, seems to have a milder case.


Despite her ~unusual~ appearance, Rhea is totally adorable and the happiest lovebird you could ask for.

Instagram: @rhea_thenakedbirdie

Eisenmann heard about Rhea from her vet, who posted on social media that the little cutie needed a new home.

Instagram: @rhea_thenakedbirdie

Eisenmann was about to graduate from college, and though she wasn't sure what her future held at that point, she knew she wanted Rhea.


"When she has [a sweater] on she feels super cozy and is super calm," said Eisenmann.

The trick has been finding sweaters short enough that Rhea can still walk around, she said.

"[Rhea is] extremely social, she hates the cage, she’s always outside running around my house," said Eisenmann.