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Milo Ventimiglia Shared The Cutest Selfie With A Canadian Couple

This is us, on a subway.

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This is Milo Ventimiglia, rumoured perfect human. You may know him from This Is Us or as the man Rory Gilmore should have ended up with.


(Don't @ me.)

On Friday, he tweeted the sweetest selfie with a couple from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Just look at these Canadian cuties.

This is my new friend Steve and his lady. They're from Saskatoon, I'm from LA. Met in NYC on a subway. Promised I'dā€¦

"This is my new friend Steve and his lady," wrote Ventimiglia.

He met them on the subway in New York City and promised to send the photo. Aww.

The exact identity of "Steve and his lady" from Saskatoon is unknown, but people think this is just more proof that Ventimiglia is actually the best.

@MiloVentimiglia A sweet guy who follows through? We should have you bronzed.

Definitely swoon worthy.

@MiloVentimiglia handsome, nice, and true to his word, can you get any better? ::swoon:: šŸ˜

And Canadians are just all around impressed.

@MiloVentimiglia I'm impressed you spelled Saskatoon right. šŸ˜Š

Stay golden, Milo.

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