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    This Husky Helped Save A Cat's Life And Now They're The Cutest BFFs

    This cat basically thinks she's a dog and it's the best.

    A year and a half ago, Thoa Bui took in a tiny 3-week-old kitten. It was lethargic, so weak it was pretty much limp, and wouldn't eat. Bui was afraid it wouldn't make it through the night.

    Desperate to get the kitten eating, Bui let it cuddle with Lilo, one of her huskies. And it was basically love at first sight.

    "Lilo wouldn’t even get up to get dinner, we had to bring food to her," Bui told BuzzFeed. "They cuddled for hours and hours and hours."

    And then, finally, the kitten started crying for milk. Bui named her Rosie and, thanks to Lilo's care, she was going to make it.

    "I think she knew that Rosie needed her," said Bui.

    Although the plan was to get Rosie better and find someone to adopt her, she ended up staying. And she and Lilo have been inseparable ever since.

    "They can’t not be touching, they’re always next to each other, they’re always touching each other," said Bui.

    "They sleep together, they walk together, we all go for hikes together," she added.

    Initially, Rosie would get left at home while the dogs went out, but Bui noticed how sad she looked. Her sister suggested bringing Rosie along.

    "I was like, you’re crazy, we’re going to look ridiculous," said Bui. "And we do sometimes, but that’s okay!"

    "Basically whatever we do with the dogs, we bring Rosie along," she said.

    Bring part of a dog pack means Rosie has picked up a few dog-like traits, too. Bui said she's super smart but also a tough cookie when she needs to be.

    "I think she thinks she’s a dog at heart," she said.

    "I think she knows that she survived a tough time," she added.

    Bui's home in San Jose, California, is always full of cuddly animals. In addition to her own pets, she still takes in foster kittens. Rosie helps take care of them, just like Lilo took care of her.

    But nothing can come between the bond that Rosie and Lilo share. These two are best furry friends forever. ❤️

    You can follow Lilo and Rosie's adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.