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Toronto Students Don't Have Air Conditioning And They're Mad As Hell

"Just let us stay home where we aren't dying."

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It's really hot in Toronto. Like, it's-autumn-so-why-is-my-face-melting-off-oh-god-let-me-just-die-now hot.

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The unseasonable heatwave and humidity means temperatures approaching 40 degrees. And for the majority of students in Toronto, that means suffering through the school day without any air conditioning.

Students are not happy.

This girl is so hot cuz there's no AC, nice one @tdsb

And they've been tweeting their intense displeasure at the Toronto District School Board.

@tdsb could you please install AC at our school or just let us stay at home where we arent dying

According to CTV News, only 125 of 584 TDSB schools are fully air conditioned — and that number is very unlikely to change. The board told CTV installing air conditioning is just too expensive.

Hence why everyone is so upset, especially when some schools have air conditioning only for the administration offices.

This school is way to hot!! How is it fair that the office is the only place with AC @tdsb


The anger is real.

@tdsb wanna explain how you expect us to die of heat in your schools without air conditioning while you sit in your cold office chairs?

People and calculators are melting.


Parents are upset, too, and some are asking why schools even remain open on extremely hot days.

@TDSB what are we to do in regards to extreme heat alerts when our children’s school has no AC?

Some have decided to just keeps their kids home rather than send them to school.

Teachers are stuck in those sauna-like classrooms, too. This one spent $500 of her own money to get some relief.

Her classroom felt like a sauna, so this Toronto teacher spent $500 on an air conditioner

The TDSB released a statement on Tuesday saying it's doing what it can to keep kids cool, including using fans and cancelling athletic events.

@CherylHickeyETC Hi Cheryl, we understand it's very hot. Please read the latest update on extreme heat and TDSB sch…

But as for proper AC? Students are out of luck.

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