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    Girl Guides Of Canada Suspended Travel To The US And Now People Want All The Cookies

    No girl left behind.

    The Girl Guides of Canada is suspending all travel to the US because the "ability of all our members to equally enter this country is currently uncertain."

    Kiriliuk said it was not a "political decision," but was "about delivering an inclusive and diverse program to our girls.”

    And many people are praising them for it.

    Yes, I am still am naïve enough to believe that the Girl Guides of Canada suspending travel to the U.S. will make a difference. We ♥ GGoC!

    On @girlguidesofcan refusing travel to #UnitedStates due to @realDonaldTrump #travelban

    And hoping other organizations follow suit.

    Good on you, @girlguidesofcan. I hope to see other organizations follow in your footsteps 🇨🇦✅🇺🇸🚫

    On the flip side, there are also parents accusing Girl Guides of overstepping.

    @girlguidesofcan my Daughter is currently a brownie after THIS... no more! How dare your organisation use her as a…

    Even Chelsea Clinton weighed in, calling the decision "depressing if understandable."

    Depressing if understandable

    Girl Guides of Canada has inclusivity guidelines to ensure girls from all walks of life are included and accommodated. The organization updated them in 2015 to make sure transgender girls are welcome as well.

    @girlguidesofcan Thank you for making sure that no child risks being left behind and facing the painful experience of discrimination.

    Although Trump’s travel ban affects citizens of six Muslim-majority countries, there's been a slew of recent reports of Canadian citizens being turned away at the border.

    Political or not, some people are pledging to go all out on cookies this year in support.

    @TIME Well done Girl Guides. I'm buying a few extra boxes of cookies for all my friends.

    What a tasty way to show solidarity.

    No girl left behind! Bring on the cooookies! This is what commitment to inclusivity looks like. ❤️ @girlguidesofcan

    Delicious, delicious solidarity.

    Alright Canada, let's buy all the inclusivity cookies that these @girlguidesofcan can sell! @CBCNews

    Resistance cookies and Girl Guide travel suspensions. This is the world we're living in now.

    Jesus, how shitty do you have to be as a nation that the Girl Guides of Canada don't want to visit. ... of CANADA.