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This Guy Asked For The Gayest Cake Ever And This Bakery Delivered

"In Canada, when you ask for a gay cake, you get a gay cake."

The US Supreme Court is currently hearing a case about a gay couple denied a wedding cake by a bakery. But meanwhile in Canada, when you order a gay cake, you get the gayest possible cake.

It all started with Chris Farias, a creative director in Hamilton, Ontario. He and his fiancé Jared love a good cake after a long day, and this time he decided to make a statement.

The task went to cake decorator Quinn Pallister. As the child of two moms, she wanted to make something special.

When Farias came to pick it up, he was overwhelmed. "She showed it to me and I just started crying and gave her a huge hug. It was everything — it was just right."

Farias posted pictures of the cake on Instagram and Facebook, with hundreds of people sharing them and leaving supportive comments.


"I have perfect strangers who are congratulating us on our upcoming wedding and I have people I’ve never met before saying how happy it made them," said Farias.

"With what’s going on in the world I really wanted to show that in Canada we really celebrate diversity," said Farias.