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This Guy Was Fined For Singing "Everybody Dance Now" In His Car

Let the music take control.

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C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" is a classic. The sort of classic the demands you don't just sing, but scream the words.

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Which is exactly how Taoufik Moalla found himself in trouble with Montreal police.

CTV / Via Twitter: @CTVNews

According to CTV, Moalla was driving along singing the '90s chart-topper in September when he heard sirens behind him. When he pulled over, four (!) police officers came up and asked if he'd been screaming. No, he said, just singing along.


It's a crackdown 27 years in the making.

It's finally happened. Canadian police are cracking down on C&C Music Factory & anyone who's found singing them.

Moalla said his wife joked he should've been fined $300.

@Steverukavina Just how bad a singer do you have to be to get a ticket from the police?

Which, lol.

And many people are saying the cops simply went too far.

@CTVNews What the hell, singing is not a fine! Why FOUR police officers!?! Why $149? Why joke about a miscarriage o…

CBC reports Moalla contested the ticket earlier this month and is now waiting on a court date.

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