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    Jul 28, 2016

    This Little Guy Just Proved That Chubby Toad Butts Are Pretty Cute

    Guess what? Toad butt.

    A homeowner in Norwich, England, walked out to his deck and saw a peculiar sight. Namely, a chubby toad butt stuck in a gap.


    They rang up the RSPCA, and when Inspector Jason Finch arrived he spotted the little wiggling legs.


    "I knew I had to get the little guy out as soon as possible, he must have been very uncomfortable," Finch said in an RSPCA statement.


    Finch also said, "Much like his literary counterpart, this Mr. Toad had got himself in a spot of bother!" which is the most adorably British statement ever uttered.

    At first, Finch tried to wiggle the toad out with his hands, but he was worried about hurting his "very delicate and soft body." He got permission to saw through the wood, but the toad just managed to squeeze through and fall under the deck.


    Finch kept sawing and managed to lift Mr. Toad to safety.

    “He was the biggest, fattest toad I have ever seen!" said Finch. "I can only think he was after a nice fly or a juicy bug when he decided to stick his head down the gap."


    The toad was released near a garden pond and hopped off to do more toad things.

    "I’d like to say a big thank you to the homeowner for calling us and letting us do what we needed to in order to rescue the toad," said Finch. "It’s really heart-warming that people are prepared to go the extra mile to help our wildlife.”

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