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    This Nova Scotian Lost 183 Pounds After Doctors Warned Him He’d Die By Age 30

    Can't stop, won't stop.

    This is the old Ryan Clarke. At 383 pounds, the 24-year-old Nova Scotian was depressed, anxious, and experiencing chest pains and other health issues.

    Ryan Clarke / Via Facebook: Clarkeryan91

    His doctor told him that if something didn't give, he'd be dead by 30. With a second kid on the way, it was time to change.

    "If he didn’t live to see 30 our kids wouldn’t even remember him. So he just woke up that one day and said enough is enough," Ryan's wife, Alyssa Clarke, told BuzzFeed Canada.

    This is Ryan now — 183 pounds lighter and happier than ever.

    Ryan Clarke / Via

    Ryan made the transformation in just 10 months, but it was by no means easy. He goes to the gym twice a day and has totally overhauled his eating habits.

    Ryan Clarke / Via Facebook: Clarkeryan91

    Although hitting the gym was a key part of his transformation, Alyssa says getting started "was just so hard to do because people would just stare."

    "There were days where he was just like, 'No I'm not going,' and I’d say, 'Yes you are,'" said Alyssa. That's what started the motto Ryan now lives by: can't stop, won't stop.

    Ryan Clarke

    Now, he does an hour of cardio in the morning before heading to school for paralegal studies. Then, in the evening, he does an hour and a half of weight training.

    He's even overhauled his friend group, choosing instead to surround himself with people who keep him motivated. Alyssa said it's these people, especially new friends at the gym, who kept him going.

    Now both Ryan and Alyssa can fit into his old 48-inch pants.

    Ryan Clarke / Via Facebook: Clarkeryan91

    And it's not just his measurements that have changed — he's also gotten a handle on his mental health. "He’s more here now than he was, mentally wise, then he was 10 months ago," said Alyssa. "I feel like I’m married to a different man."

    Ryan Clarke / Via Facebook: Clarkeryan91

    And yes, although weight lifting has helped, he does have loose skin. In a Facebook video, he said that he's self-conscious about it, but he won't let the haters get to him. He worked for this.

    Facebook: video.php

    "He is proud of it. Without it he would still be 400 pounds," said Alyssa.

    Now, Ryan wants to inspire others to make their own change for the better through his Facebook and Instagram pages. Everyone's body is different, but he wants everyone to know they can achieve change.

    Ryan Clarke

    "He just wants to be able to help people," said Alyssa. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel."

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