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24 People Who Made The Same Damn Joke While In Ottawa

It's funny every time, guys!!!

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1. So Ottawa copied Toronto and got one of those big, blocky signs announcing its name.

Always nice to stop by the beautiful city of Awatto when in #canada #Canada150

2. But unlike Toronto, it still looks like a word from the back.

3. Leading everyone to make the same damn joke.

4. Awatto!

"What does AWATTO mean?" - Me, as I approached the Ottawa sign from the back. #Day1

5. Get it?

6. Do you get it?

7. It's "Ottawa."

Bien arrivée à AWATTO!!! ... Oh wait...

8. But backwards.

So, what does AWATTO mean? #ottawa #bywardmarket #Ottawa2017 #ottawaspends #ottpoli #cdnpoli @ByWardMarketBIA…

9. It's very funny, you see.

Welcome to AWATTO! ... or OTTAWA. Loving the new location and orientation of the Ottawa sign in the Byward Market (…

10. Literally never gets old.

11. Here's a variation on the theme.

The Grayhound bus to #Awatto was right behind us at the light in Gatineau. #ottbike

12. But mostly it's the sign.

Chilling in the Nice town of #Awatto 😉😄

13. It's been happening ever since the sign went in over the summer.

Awatto 😄🇨🇦 @ottawa2017_fr

14. Awatto was a focal point during the Canada 150 celebrations.

Bienvenue à Awatto #MyOttawa #ottawa #Outaouaisfun

15. And it still remains in beautiful downtown Awatto.

@PringleJosh Went to the market for breakfast in beautiful downtown Awatto on the weekend. There is a big sign you…

16. So there's still plenty of time for you to make the joke, too.

Ah. Made it to Awatto for #canada150

17. "😂"

18. I promise this is only a sampling of the Awatto fever.

Not so sure about this Awatto place.

19. There are many more.

Can someone explain why there's a giant AWATTO sign in the Byward Market?

20. And they're all so funny.

"Where do you live?" "Oh you know, Awatto" #Ottawa #AWATTO

21. So, so funny.

22. I promise.

Enjoying a night out in #Awatto! #AwattoNightLife #Ottawa #Canada150

23. So, cheers to you Awatto.

Greetings from beautiful downtown Awatto

24. You're doing amazing, sweetie.

Having a grand old time exploring Awatto! #Canada150

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